Richard's 2007 Australian Trip

Sydney to Melbourne
16 September 2007

Sydney Sunrise

This was day 2 in Oz (I'm not counting the three days in airplanes and airports to get here).  The first day in Sydney was mainly getting adjusted to the time zone and picking up some clothes since the airline lost the half of my luggage that had my civilian clothes in it.  Add to that the fact that it rained most of the afternoon and evening and it wasn't the best day to walk around sight seeing.  But, Day 2 started with a nice sunrise over the city.

Sydney Station
I then made my way to the Sydney Rail Station to catch a train from Sydney to Melbourne.
Farm Land
The country around Sydney is mainly rolling hills and farmland.  Generally farmland is farmland, as you will see.
Farm Land
That being said, some of it was a little rocky.
Farm Land
I'm not sure what crop the yellow is, but think it may be soy or rape seed.
Farm Land

Most of the houses and other buildings have a Victorian look about them; this one is typical.
Of course there are some more modern looking ones like this art deco example.
There are also some architectural features that I'm not sure what they were, but there they were.
And of course, some natural features as well.

I arrived at the Melbourne train station at 7 p.m. and made my way to the hotel.  My body clock was still quite out of whack so I pretty much went to bed as soon as I arrived.