Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

12 March 2003 - Bellingham, WA (km 5,186)

12 March 2003 - This was a very easy day compared to the past week.  I stopped at an outlet mall on my way and picked up a new pair of deck shoes, and some travel bags.  I arrived at Anna's in the early afternoon, and then went out to dinner with the Chaikins of Bellingham.  We repaired back to their house for coffee and desert.

13 March 2003 - I spent the day in Seattle, but because I had forgotten my camera you won't get any pictures.  I was thinking that I should probably get a car wash, but then I remembered I was in the North Wet, so I just waited for it to start raining and was not disappointed.

My first stop was at the Fry Art Museum (  It is a very nice little gallery that was endowed by the head of a meat packing fortune.  Entrance is free (part of the requirement of the endowment), and there was a very nice selection of displays.  My favourite was a series of Tempera paintings.  Although this technique has been used for a few millennia it hit is zenith in the fifteenth century, but was then supplanted by oil paints.  The paintings have a very rich look and have a great depth.  Most of the paintings were painted and framed similar to Russian Icons, but showed contemporary scenes.

I then stopped at Pike Place market for lunch.  I had held off until 1300 for lunch to avoid the crowds, and enjoyed a delicious grilled tomato, basil and mozzarella sandwich, and (of course) a cappuccino at Café Umbria.  Even though it is a walk in café with only one communal table with eight bar stools, and a counter along the windows, by each of the four napkin dispensers was a small bud vase with a fresh flower in it.

At one point a couple sat down at the end of the table.  They were talking about planning some sort of musical fund raiser.  She had a double nose ring in that hung down about three quarters of an inch.  The nose rings caused her quite a problem, since she had to keep wiping off the milk foam from her cappuccino.

My next stop took me to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Jacob Lawrence exhibit "Over the Line:  The Art of Life of Jacob Lawrence"  He is an extremely provocative artists, borne in New York, but who lived the last approximately 40 years in Seattle.  He uses a lot of colour but often has very dark messages and subjects.

14 March 2003 - A generally quite day.  We went shopping and bought the stuff for dinner.  I gave Anna a break and cooked dinner for us, Xan, the Chaikins, Bill and his daughter Victoria.  The menu opened with selected cheese and crackers, and fresh made garlic cheese bread.  We then moved on to selected greens and herbs with a mango dressing, and the main course was steamed asparagus, honey glazed carrots, and marinated salmon with a gin, Dijon honey mustard and onion reduction.

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