Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

2 April 2003 - New York, NY

Well I drove into New York today, and unfortunately forgot my camera again.  Although I had planned to visit a few places, I got started a little late and got caught in some traffic so I only got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Unfortunately the costume display was closed because they were preparing for a special show.  Even with that I didn't even get to the second floor, nor to The American Wing or the Modern Art exhibit.  I spend most of my time in the Greek and Roman Art, and Egyptian Art sections, but was also intrigued by the Medieval Art, European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, and Arms and Armour collections.  I took quick walk through the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.  It really would take a couple of days to get through the whole place, and the book store.  I'll have to plan another trip back to NYC so that I can also go through the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum, and their book store.

I had planned on at least driving past "ground zero" but by the time I got out of the Met (about 4:30) traffic was starting to get heavy and I didn't want to get stuck in the height of rush hour traffic.  Even more than in Montreal, the NY drivers love to use their horns, and it becomes infectious.  By the time I was heading south on Second Ave. on the way to the Queen's Mid Town Tunnel, I was leaning on my horn when the California Plate in front of me paused at the green light.  Of course they also use the horn to tell people they are about to cut you off because they need to get over into a lane to make an exit.  All things being considered it wasn't bad driving in the city.

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