Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

21 March 2003 - Los Angeles, CA to Brawley, CA via San Diego, CA (km 7,783)

The drive from Los Angeles to San Diego (at least once I finnally got out of the city) was quite plesant and only took a few hours.  At this rest spot I finnally got a good view of the Pacific Ocean (living up to it's name with only gently rooling waves breaking on the shoreline).  Since I was in no real hurry today, I spent about half an hour just listening to the waves break while reading the paper and catching a bit of sun.

These are the coastal mountains opposite from the ocean view.  You can see that they are much more worn down that those between Calgary and Vancouver.  My recolection of plate techtonics is a little feeble, but I think these mountains are a couple of hundred thousand years older than their northern siblings, hence the more rounded edges.
In San Diego I stopped and spent some time at Balboa Park.  The park has a selection of museums; from art to natural history to aviation to modle railroads.  They were all about to close by the time I arrived so I didn't get in to see any of them, but just walking around the park was interesting enough.

This fountian was in the center of Casa Balboa, which houses a splendid resturaunt.

The park was originally built for the World Exposition held in San Diego in the 1930's.  Most of the buildings that housed national displays have been kept and are used for either the museums or park offices.  The architecture has definite flavours of the Spanish/Mexican style, but some have definite Art Deco elements as well.
This is the North East cornner of the Casa Balboa showing a definate Spanish influence.
The South facing entrance of the welcome centre which also shows definate Spanish influences.
This is the fountain in front of the Modle Train Museum.  This building has significantly simpler lines than the others around it, and a bit of a Deco feel.
Reflecting Pool
This aviary with reflecting pool is nicley nesceled in the palm and pine trees.
This was an experiment with my camera's back light feature, and it gave a very nice silohet of the steeple of the Catholic cathedral.

22 March 2003 - Spend a relaxing day with H.V. and Eileen in Brawley.  We went to the IHOP for breakfast and then sat around and chatted, played with pens, and watched the war on CNN.  It also gave me a chance to catch up on my log a little bit.

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