Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

23 March 2003 - Brawley, CA to Tucson, AZ (km 8,280)

Palm lined roads, it must be California.  This is South Eastern California heading towards the Arizona boarder.  Lots of flat farmland and at this point I am below sea level by fifty feet or so.  Some of the elevators and scilos actually have a mark for where sea level is.
More farmland.  The earthwork hill in the forground is actually the bank of one of the many cannals that run along the roads and fields.  With lots of sunshine and irrigation farmers can harvest three crops a year.  Sugar beats make up a large part of the crops grown for the local sugar refinery.
Some of my fellow travelers camp out on the local desert for a large part of the year.
Close to the traveling trailer park, is what use to be some lake front beach property.  Since the mountains arrived the lake had dried up so all that is left is the beach.
For you science finction fans, these are the dues that were used in the movie Stargate for the other world the group traveled to.
There's not much difference between south eastern California and Arizona.  Flat and dry with a few rock out cropings to break up the horizon.

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