Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

24 March 2003 - Tucson AZ to San Antonio, TX (km 9,694)

A small sample of the flora you can find in Arazona.  It is warm and dry.  My air conditioning in the car easily keeps up with it now, but I'm not so sure it would if I was here in the heat of summer
Being so arid, there doesn't seem to be much agriculture here.  The dry fields are spoted with cacti, and hills.  If it wasn't for the Grand Canyon and retireies I don't think there would be much economic activity here.
The rocks and scrub brush keeps up as I enter New Mexico.
As I aproach the Texas boarder things get a little greener, but not by much.

New Mexico puts up some nice picknic table covers to shade people from the sun.
The Yuca is the state flower of New Mexico and there are lots of them around.  The Yuca is a member of the lily family.  In the spring it blossoms with a pearly white flower.  Early Indians used it's tender shoots for food.  Also, Soap was made from its roots, sandals and basketry from the leaf fiber.
Hot and dry continues

For all you people who thought Texas was just a rough and tumble state, full of war mongers, it also has a softer side.  This was the sign at the first rest stop I used in Texas.  They may be war mongers, but they like to get cute with their mongerals.
This was the first Texas oil well I saw.
Although they have a lot of oil, they also strive to use renewable resources.  I drove by one wind farm in California, but nothing compared to this one, and a few miles down the road was another one with almost 100 windmills.
Rather than building the road around some of the hills, in true Texas fashion the freeway blasts its way though several hills that easily could have been avoided.

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