Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

25 March 2003 - San Antonio, TX to Corpus Christi TX (km 9,949)

Cloudy and raining, obviously this part of texas is quite different from the north west.
This is a shot across the bay to Corpus Christi, TX.
Texas A&M
And this is a shot of Texas Agriculture and Mechanical (A&M) university.
26 March - I spend the day driving around with Dee.  I got to meet some of the people she works with as well as another Canadian Expat she works with.

This included going out to the King Ranch (which owns tracts of land in Texas that are larger than the state of Rhode Island).  They are now a major agribusiness corporation and have land holdings around the world.  We missed out on the tour of the ranch, but did get to see a video on the history of the ranch, and browsed through the gift shop.

We drove around the bay and stopped at a little seafood place and had a seafood boil.  They tied the plastic bibs on and gave us mallets to open up the crabs and everything.

It was great to see Dee again after so many years, but I had to remind her that we have known each other since she was 14, I was 13.
This is a sculpture of two cranes at the end of one of the fishing peers.


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