Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

29 March 2003 - Atlanta, GA

Unfortunatly no pictures today.  I spent the day at the Great South Eastern Pen Show.  I got to talk to people I met at the Michigan Show, but also got to chat with a lot of other people.  I met Lisa Hanes and Deb Kinney and even bought a pen and a pad of paper.  I had wanted to buy a Pen For Men and Joel managed to provide a very nice burgundy PFM II with a medium nib.  I also met Jim from Alabama who is a fellow Skyline collector.  Speaking of Skylines, I bought my first Executive size Skyline, so I now have at least one of all three sizes.  My chat with Susan Wirth revealed that she might have both a Skyline Army and Navy for me.  I bought several bottles of ink from Ann Marie and had a nice chat with her as well.  Of course I had to swing by and chat with Sam from Pendimonium and pick up a new pen case, some ink and a new Stypen.  After the show closed people gathered for pizza and I had a great chat with Richard Binder and his wife, Lisa, Deb, and Roger Cromwell, with his daughter Dani who were on their way out to buy her a prom dress.  Roger told me he was going to run a seminar on pen repar tomorrow, but unfortunatly I will have to hit the road befor it starts.  On my way up to my room, I ran accross the "ladies list" group who were on thier way out to paint the town red.

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