Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

6 March 2003 - Kingston, ON to Hamilton, ON

    Well a slight change in the schedule already.  I will overnighting in Hamilton instead of Toronto.  It will make my drive tomorrow a little easier.  The bigger change however is that it is 1402 and I should be hitting the road right now, but my car is still in for servicing.  I guess it's better to have it in good shape and run two hours late, than be on time, but not sure of the vehicle safety.  I guess I'm just eager to get on the road.  I wonder why?  These are pictures of what it looks like here today.

Front of House

This the driveway and view of the house.  While this is more snow than we have had in the last couple of years, it is like the winters I remember when I first moved to Kingston.

A look down the street

In the back ground you can see the central tower of the Kingston Penitentiary.  Wonders never cease.  You can see that both the sidewalk and the roadway have been cleaned and this the day after the snowfall.  Usually we have to wait a couple of days before the crews get around to us.

Well I'm still waiting for the service centre to get back to me, but I'll up load this while I have time.  Stay tuned, I'll add some more once I get on the road.


I did finnaly get on the road and got to Hamilton just after 10 pm.  A long day but a couple of beers and good conversation made it worth while.  I tested out my new navigation system.  I bought MS Streets & Trips and a GPS that links into my laptop.  It really is a great set up.  There are a few improvements that could be made, but what Microsoft software coudn't do with imporvement.


Milo the cat was nice enough to let me sleep with out jumping on me an waking me up.

Hamilton Street

Less snow in this picture, I hope the trend continues.

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