Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

7 March 2003 - Canton, MI - Kilometer 719

A Ribbon of Highway

After a light breakfast and filling up a one liter thermos with coffee I hit the road.  I'm getting more use to the whole navigation system and developing better techniques for using it.  I made it from Hamilton to my hotel in Canton with no missed turns.  I still haven't found a proper USB cable for my cell phone, but have figured out how to have my computer dial up on my calling card so I will always be able to keep these pages up to date, and check on my e-mails.

No problems crossing the boarder at Sarnia.  The old military ID got me waived through again.  The line ups were not bad either, only about a ten minute wait.

Once I got to Canton I did some driving around.  At the begginning of the trip I'm really just sprinting accross to the West Coast, where the weather is warmer, so I'm not having much of a chance to look around the various places, but tomorrow I'm going to meet Diane (aka Satrap) and look at some pen stores in the Detroit area.

Tonight I had my first White Castle burger.  I don't think they will go on my list of top ten resturants, but probably beat out McDonald's on my favorite fast food resturants.  Of course I'm going to have to get some decent food to eat so that I won't have to keep going to fast food resturants.  I did go for a jog this evening so I am keeping my regular work out schedule, so far.  I then spent most of the night going through 277 e-mails (and I've only been off line for a day and a half); and of course up dating these pages.

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