Richard's North American Odyssey 2003

8 March 2003 - Canton MI to Chicago, IL (km 1,382)

I met Diane (aka Satrap) for breakfast, some coffee and we drove around looking in pen and paper shops.  Unfortunately, communications had broken down so we didn't get to see Oskar Braun's shop but did see Gail's Stationary, and one other shop in one of the local malls.  All in all a great morning, and Diane was a wonderful host in Detroit, but just after noon, it was time for me to hit the road for Chicago.

The drive was fairly easy.  Until I hit the lake effect snow a couple of hours outside of Chicago that is.  Luckily it didn't last for more than an hour or so.  I called Sandy when I arrived and made plans to arrive at her house at around 8:30 pm.  This gave me enough time to get onto a treadmill for half an hour.  Although everything else at the hotel was showing some age, the exercise equipment looked pristine.

Sandy had invited a group of people over for a little get together.  I was introduced to Chicago style deep dish and flat crust pizza.  Let me tell you, when they say deep dish they mean deep dish.  The crust was at least 7 cm high and good and thick.  Sandy and I get a good chance to talk about pens, and she has quite a collection.  Also, quite a collection of guitars.  There was lots of good food, good drink, and good conversation, so I didn't get back to my hotel until almost 2:30 am.  Once again my GPS and electronic maps helped me get around with no problems.

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