Richard's Trip to the United Arab Emerates, June 2009

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In June 2009 I was preparing for my deployment to Afghanistan, but my work as the Army's interoperability liaison officer continued.  I was sent, with Pierre (seen in some of the photos) to a conference in Abu Dahbi.  The flight was fairly uneventful, except that once we got to Abu Dahbi someone acidently took my luggage from the carousel.  Well this meant that the airline ponyed up some cash to help cover expences and we had to go do some shopping.

Abu Dahbi

These pictures were taken throughout the trip as we explored the city during breaks in the conference.

Al Aim

Before flying out we had some time to go visit Al Aim, a university town in the east of the country close to the boarder with Oman.


I couldn't go all the way to the UAE and not go to Dubi so we drove there for an afternoon of sight seeing.  I picked up some spices at the spice souq and some errings for my nieces at the gold souq.