Travel Logs

Here are some of the places that I have traveled too.  I continue to update these logs and add new ones so come back and see them again soon.

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D-Day Battlefield Tour 2014

  • In September 2014 I accepted an invitation to join a D-Day Battlefield tour lead by a friend of mine with his former regiment veterains in and around Caen, Normandy, France.

England & France 2010

  • After my deployment I found I had some extra vacation time to use up.  Friends of mine had moved back to England while I was away, so I went and spent three weeks with them to catch up on old times.

Afghanistan Deployment 2009/10

  • From the end of June 2009 until the end of January 2010 I was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan as a Liaison Officer/Mentor/Partner to the Afghan National Army headquarters.  There were not a lot of opportunities for picture taking, but here are some that I was able to take.

Near & Middle East 2009

  • This one was truly a vacation, well sort of.  I had eighteen days mid-deployment leave to use during my deployment to Afghanistan so I decided to go see a part of the world that was close by, but that I hadn't seen before.  After a few days in Istanbul, Turkey, I took a tour with National Geographic Expeditions through Egypt and Jordan.

San Diego 2009

  • Yes, another work trip.  This one only allowed me one day and a couple of evenings to get around and see things.  After my brief stop in San Diego during my 2003 Odyssey I wanted to get back to Balboa Park to see some of the things I had missed the first time, as well as some new sights.

United Arab Emirates 2009

  • It was another work trip/conference that took me to Abu Dhabi, so of course I took the opportunity to get around the country as much as I could.

Bavaria, Paris, England 2008

  • What was supposed to be a week of planning meetings became three weeks of meetings and working groups that draged me accross Western Europe and Southern England.  It was my first time in Paris, but I only had ten hours so could only skim the highlights.

Bavaria & Prague 2007

  • Less than a month after returning from New Zealand I was to attend a planning conference taking place about two hours north of Munich.  After the conference was over, I took a few days vacation and flew to Prague to take a look around.

New Zealand 2007

  • After finding myself in Australia in September I was sent back to the Southern Hemisphere to attend a round of meetings in Christchurch, New Zealand in October-November.  Once again I took the opportunity to take some vacation time.  Another meeting attendee and I rented an RV and drove around the South Island for a week, and then stopped in Auckland for a couple of days on the way back home.

Southern Australia 2007

  • In September 2007 I was lucky to get a work trip to Australia.  I took the opportunity to use some of my vacation time while I was there.

North American Odyssey 2003

  • In March and April 2003 I packed up some kit into my car and started heading west with the intention of doing getting around to see friends and family that I hadn't seen for a while.  This is how it went.